Accreditation and Consultation

The Malta Standards Authority recommends that the information COMTEC gives to the client is comprehensive and includes, among other things, contact details of the operator, treatment reports, type and quantities of pesticides if used, proposed follow-up, frequency of treatments, state of hygiene, housekeeping and proofing recommendations on the premises under Xenical

Other overseas regulatory bodies would request similar information.  Before the commencement of any assignment, COMTEC International thoroughly checks the stipulated requirements and ensures that its reports comply with such standards.

This is an important aspect of the service and is supported with the necessary technological solutions.  BlueFile is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution designed and developed by COMTEC that integrates into HACCP (click here to read more), ISO or any other quality management system and comprehensively addresses all standards laid out in the National Pest Control Standards for Malta, issued by the Malta Standards Authority.  This also applies to any other management standard which requires a traceable validation mechanism.

This comprehensive approach to pest control management delivers a structure that your quality management system can rely upon.  BlueFile reports are delivered electronically, allowing system users to log on to a secure site and download a complete mapped history of pest control records including:

  • Pest management audits
  • Site plans
  • Pest sighting reports
  • Pest incidence logs
  • Chemical usage records
  • Technical reports
  • Pest incidence history
  • Non toxic alternative solutions. (Click here to read more)