Our Company

COMTEC Malta and COMTEC International are both part of Alpine Group.

Alpine Group started out as Alpine Rent-a-Car in 1967 as a car hire operator and today, the franchise holder of Europcar.  Over the years, the Alpine Group has established itself as a leading player in the sectors in which it participates and which include financial services, tourism and hospitality, transportation and pest control.  Today, the Group has a combined paid up share capital in excess of EUR11 million.  The group sets market standards by creating innovative concepts, competitive pricing models whilst providing a consistently high level of service.  Every new initiative undertaken by the Group is still based on the same entrepreneurial spirit as in its early days. Then, as now, changing times has always been the basis for opportunities. Click on logo to read more.




COMTEC Malta offers comprehensive and professional pest control services to households and businesses in the Maltese Islands.  Operational since 1967, it is well entrenched in its industry.  Due to consistent investment and training, COMTEC Malta is able to provide an excellent service, which results in a pest-free and hygienic environment through the use of safe and proven technologies and processes.  Our clients are testament to this.  COMTEC is proud of the fact that a large majority of their clients, whether commercial or domestic, have been on its lists for many, many years.  Also, word of mouth is a powerful communicator.  Its positive reputation ensures that its work schedule is filled with new appointments. Click here to read more.

With the accumulation of experience over the last four decades, COMTEC Malta has, on many occasions, been awarded highly specialised assignments beyond our local shores.  This has recently been formalised into a new branch in COMTEC’s corporate structure operating under the name of COMTEC International.